About Us

We select and roast the best qualities of raw coffee to give you all the excellence of a true Italian espresso.

Our family began roasting coffee in 1951 with a small wood-burning oven in front of the church of S. Filippo in Pistoia, combining this activity with trading spices. Initially the brand of our coffee was “Moka Spampani&Cavicchi” that lasted until 1966, when we opened the current workshop in Amendola street, maintaining only the activities of coffee roasting and processing. Our brand has been called “Caffè Etruria” since then. In the beginning, the production was intended exclusively for retailers, cafés and restaurants. During the 1970s we spread our industry with direct sales to consumers in the Amendola street laboratory. Then in the 1980s, with the advent of bar machines, this type of sale gave us the opportunity to provide a fresh and personalized product directly to the customer. In the early 1990s we also started the production of coffee and barley in paper pods, to which we added the one in compatible capsules over the years, especially from 2000 to 2010. This allowed us to offer our customers single origin and specialty coffee as well. Today we roast with an oven equipped with recipes to adapt the cooking according to the type of coffee, precisely to enhance its characteristics.

Our blends

Our coffee blends come from a scrupulous selection of handcrafted roasted raw coffees for over 50 years.
These blends are also the basis of our production of compatible pods and capsules.